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How To Protect Commercial Building Roofs From High Winds

Thursday October 13, 2022

Find what materials best suit the roof of your building, and some techniques you can use to best protect your roof from devastating winds.

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How the RIBO Protects You

Thursday September 22, 2022

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Protecting Your Property Against Hail Storms

Friday September 16, 2022

Here are several ways to protect your property from the damage that may arise from hail storms this season.

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Six Important Reasons to Get Life Insurance

Friday August 5, 2022

Life insurance is an important investment that will protect you and your family after your passing. Here are six reasons you should think about getting life insurance.

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Tips for National Safety Month

Sunday June 19, 2022

June was national safety month, but these tips can be carried throughout the year. Here are four tips to implement so you can have a safe and enjoyable summer.

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Easiest Ways To Improve Your Cyber Security Right Now

Tuesday April 12, 2022

Some of the common vulnerabilities and methods to keep you safe and improve your cyber security.

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Palladium Insurance Partners with Synex Insurance

Thursday March 31, 2022

For Palladium’s clients, this strategic partnership means more coverage options and even deeper expertise. We’ll still be independent and locally owned.

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Springtime Home Maintenance Measures

Tuesday March 22, 2022

A detailed look at some maintenance measures you can do around your home this spring.

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Palladium Insurance Solidifies Leadership Team to Prepare for New Growth

Wednesday March 9, 2022

We have made changes to our leadership team to prepare for future growth. We have also secured private equity to power new acquisitions.

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New Year’s Resolutions? Life Goals That Involve Your Insurance!

Tuesday January 11, 2022

With the holidays behind us, many look at creating goals to start the New Year off right. While creating New Year’s Resolutions for your body, mind and soul are undoubtedly important, insurance can be another great area to evaluate your goals.  Something which 2021 has taught us, is that a lot can happen and change in a year. When reflecting…

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Signs and Symptoms of a Gas Leak in Your Home

Monday December 13, 2021

Do you use natural gas to fuel your home? Many Canadians have one or more appliances that rely on natural gas. When used properly, gas is a safe, efficient and reliable fuel source, but potential leaks pose a health and safety risk. It can be tricky to detect a leak because natural gas is invisible. Knowing the possible signs and symptoms will hel…

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Accident Forgiveness in Ontario: What You Need to Know

Saturday November 20, 2021

Accident Forgiveness in Ontario: What You Need to Know Car accidents can happen to even the most vigilant drivers. Accident forgiveness, also known as accident protection or accident waiver, helps prevent your insurance premiums from increasing after your first at-fault collision. Why auto insurance rates go up Car insurance premiums are calculate…

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Winter Is Coming—Prepare Your Home With These 6 Tips

Saturday October 23, 2021

Winter is just around the corner. In Ontario, that means drastic temperature fluctuations, icy conditions and enough snow to make Rudolph run for cover. That's why now is the time to start preparing your home for the cold weather. Proper preparation will protect your home from damage and prevent home insurance claims. No matter how fiercely the sn…

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Whatever Lies Ahead, Face it With Confidence with These 6 Tips for Road Safety

Thursday August 5, 2021

Like life itself, a winding road is unpredictable. So when you embark on your journey this summer, have safety that goes beyond the body of your car. Get yourself some peace of mind with an auto insurance policy that covers you in the wake of an unexpected collision, or any accident that may arise when the rubber hits the road. But your protection…

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The Increasing Costs of Disability Insurance for Medical Professionals

Wednesday July 21, 2021

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Staying Afloat with Boat Insurance

Tuesday June 22, 2021

When it comes to the simple pleasures of summertime living, one could argue that being on or near the water is the ideal way to spend a hot summer afternoon. That’s especially the case when you have all of the fun toys, like canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats or sailboats, at your disposal.  In Ontario, we’re fortunate to live near many beautiful…

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Prevention is the Best Medicine: Loss Control Survey

Tuesday June 1, 2021

It’s better to stop problems before they arise instead of cleaning up after a bad situation. A common thought that runs through the minds of our clients following a minor or a major loss is —“I can’t believe this has happened - I don’t have time for this - Why me?” While we can’t provide a definitive answer to this, we can offer a course of preven…

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Cyber Insurance: Protection in the Age of Connectivity

Saturday May 15, 2021

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Get Personal Cyber Insurance Before it Gets Personal.

Saturday April 10, 2021

In today’s world, it’s pretty difficult to go throughout an entire day without having some sort of connection to the internet. You bank online, shop online, click & collect your groceries, and now with the majority of businesses relying on virtual means of operation, you’re even depending on an internet connection to get a job done as you work fro…

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An Uncertain Tax Future – The Impact on Family Farming Businesses

Thursday March 25, 2021

An uncertain era of taxation policy lies ahead for Canadian Taxpayers. The financial impact of COVID-19 combined with the recent fiscal budgets has resulted in historic levels of government spending. Canada’s 2020 deficit is expected to exceed 381 billion and the national debt is approaching 1 trillion dollars. Government programs for COVID-19 are…

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