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Personal Insurance

When it Comes to Protecting
What Matters, You’re Not Alone

Dealing with the complexities of the insurance industry can make you feel like you’re left out in the cold. As insurance brokers, we’re here to be your guide and ensure you’ve got the protection you need.

The specialists at Palladium Insurance take the time to understand what matters to you, and will offer personalized, unbiased options. Our brokers do the searching for you, and can design custom coverage plans from a broad range of insurers.

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Ensuring You’re Covered the Way You Think You Are

You may not know it, but you’re probably one of the 90% of Canadians with dependents who are underinsured. Most people don’t understand exactly how they’re covered, because insurance policy documents aren’t easy to read, and life is hectic.

We’re here to do the work of searching for the right insurance and reading the fine print for you. If your insurer changes your policy, we review it with you to make sure you’re still comfortable with your level of coverage. We also find the “gotchas” that could mean that you’re not insured the way you think you are.

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Personal Insurance Essentials

Most of our clients start out with the following types of insurance coverage.

Home Insurance

Whether it’s your first home or the home of your dreams, Palladium will tailor coverage to suit your property and your budget. We can also help you insure your rental accommodations, cottages or any other type of property.

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Auto Insurance

We help you choose the right insurance to protect your car and your loved ones. We can also help you insure your motorcycle, RV, four-wheeler, and snowmobile too. Our experts can even help you find ways to save, for example, by completing accredited driver training.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance not only protects your family should the worst happen, it can protect your business as well. We can help you understand the different approaches to insurance (term, permanent, and legacy) and which one offers the best advantage for your needs.

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Personal Cyber Insurance

These days, most of our financial and other personal records are stored on our computers. We can help you find coverage to combat cyber bullying, identity theft, ransomware, and cyber crimes for all of your smart devices and wearables.

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Travel Insurance

Whether you're travelling the globe in search of adventure or a snowbird who has a favourite winter destination, our partners at Securiglobe can help you get the right coverage for your health, your luggage, and even your travel plans. You can visit their website to learn more and request a quote, or you can call them directly at 1-844-618-4402.

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Health and Dental Insurance

If you’re an independent contractor or work at a company that doesn’t offer benefits, getting your own coverage can help fill in the gaps. We can advise you on options for prescription drugs, massage therapy, physiotherapy, vision care, dental care and more.

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Umbrella Liability

Protect yourself and your family against general claims and lawsuits. These can happen in situations where people are injured on your premises (including investment properties), or in cases of slander, libel and false arrest.

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Complete Personal Insurance Coverage

If it’s valuable to you, we can help you find an insurance policy that will protect you in the event of loss. Your Palladium Insurance broker can offer you expert guidance on the following types of coverage.

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Long term care
  • Home insurance
  • Cottage insurance
  • Water damage
  • Renters / tenants insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Jewellery, fine art and collectibles
  • Personal cybersecurity and ID theft
  • Travel insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • RV insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • ATV insurance
  • Umbrella liability