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Funeral Home Insurance

Supporting Those Who Care for the Bereaved

Families rely on your services to bring dignity to the saddest experiences of their lives.

That’s an important responsibility, and you need your full capacity to focus on your clients. We help by making business insurance easy. Palladium Insurance has created a program that takes care of the unique needs of funeral directors in one comprehensive yet flexible package. Our concierge approach ensures you stay informed and your coverage stays up to date.

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Comprehensive Funeral Home Insurance Program

The national Funeral Home and Cemetery program was specifically created to meet the unique needs of the bereavement industry, and is endorsed by the Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals (OACFP) and the Ontario Monument Builders Association (OMBA).

Complete Coverage for Funeral Professionals

The program includes coverage for:

  • Property: buildings, equipment, office contents, jewellery of the deceased, columbariums/niche walls, crematorium facilities, monuments and headstones, fine arts, property while in transit and more.
  • Liability: general liability for risks such as slip/trip and fall claims. 
  • Funeral directors errors and omissions liability.
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance to protect the personal assets of board members.
  • Vehicle/fleet coverage for coaches, casket wagons, and other funeral procession vehicles.
  • Cyber liability coverage in the event of a computer security breach.
  • Group life and health coverage for employees.
  • Critical illness, disability and life insurance for key employees.

Friendly, Expert Advice and Service

The experts at Palladium are licenced to work across Canada. Our concierge approach to insurance for funeral homes ensures you get the right coverage, selected from trusted insurers from across the country. 

Here’s how we make things as easy for you as possible. 

  • We learn all the particulars of your business so we can recommend the best options.
  • We ensure you know what the fine print means.
  • Every year, we meet with you to discuss any changes you may need. 
  • Should you ever need to make a claim, we provide assistance.
  • With our proven process, you stay informed and enjoy the peace of mind you need to care for your clients.

Have You Considered These Risks?

It’s our job to help you be prepared for the unexpected. Even the most experienced funeral home owners and managers may not have considered all the scenarios.

Breach of Computer Systems

An IT security policy is essential in today’s business, but sometimes even that’s not enough to stop hackers.

Should a cyber attack succeed, Palladium’s program offers financial assistance to hire the experts you need for everything from mandatory breach notification services to public relations to legal defence.

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Critical Illness and Disability of Key Employees

If anyone who is essential to the management of the business falls seriously ill or develops a disability, it could be highly disruptive for your business. The truth is that some dedicated owners and managers keep working even when they should be resting and regaining their health.

With the right insurance, they don’t need to put themselves at further risk. Critical illness insurance and disability insurance gives the employee the funds to pay living expenses, and employers the funds to hire a qualified temporary replacement. The end result is a managed recovery and a healthier return to work.

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Corporate Life Insurance

If the business owner or an important manager passed on, would the business continue to honour its commitments and thrive? Having a corporate life insurance policy will help ensure the business carries on. When used to hold other financial assets, a corporate life policy can also help them grow faster.

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More Services to Help Your Business Prosper

Group Benefits for Employees

Attract and retain great employees with flexible coverage that’s determined by what you and your employees want.

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Business Owner Succession Planning

When it’s time to retire and let the next generation step into your place, we can help you plan the transition for best results and the best possible tax outcome.

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