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Financial Services

Giving Your Business the Advantage in Good Times and Bad

When times are good, you want to be able to attract and retain talented senior executives. When adversity rears its head, you want to know that your business is well protected. With Palladium’s financial services you can do both.

Palladium provides financial service packages for business owners, partners, and senior executives. We can help you make sure your business is well structured, that your tax burden is minimized, and that you can provide very attractive additions to C-suite compensation packages.

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Educating You and Your Team

You may already have a financial and legal team, and Palladium’s experts are happy to work with them. A big part of our job is to educate you and your other financial service providers about important advantages that many businesses overlook. We work with all major national accounting firms — in fact they probably know us already.

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Our Financial Services

Whether you’re a startup or a mature business, insurance is a versatile way to protect what you’ve built and achieve your goals. Palladium can help your business and your key executives manage risks and keep things running smoothly.

Tax Shelter

The more successful your investments are, the more you owe in taxes — unless you know to transfer your investments to a tax-advantaged life insurance policy.

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Business Succession Planning

When business owners retire, the ongoing success of the business is often important as a continued income source. Whether it’s a family business or not, we can help ensure that risks are effectively managed and taxes are minimized.

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Estate Requirements

The right life insurance policy offers flexible options for you and ensures you can hand down as much as possible to protect the next generation.

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Mortgage Insurance vs Life Insurance

We can help your team choose the right life insurance policy options to protect themselves, their homes, and the financial health of their families without losing out to taxation.

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Critical Illness and Long Term Care

What if you or one of your executives were facing a major health issue and couldn’t work? Ensure that key team members are protected with coverage that offers an additional tier of medical expertise, and financial protection that gives them time to regain their health.

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Whether you or a top executive are facing an injury or other debilitating condition, you want to know that costs are covered and your business can keep running smoothly. With our help, you can ensure complete peace of mind.

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