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Bringing Personal
to Insurance

As an independent insurance broker serving the community since 1960, we are dedicated to providing independent advice and finding the right insurance coverage for your needs. Whether it’s for your business or for your personal property, we do more to protect what matters.

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How Our Insurance Broker Team Earns Your Trust

As your insurance broker, we shop the insurance market for you. We find the best insurance protection for you and your family at the most competitive rate. We also help educate you about insurance options and what they mean.

We know the insurance market inside out. We can decipher the fine print. If you need someone to make sure you’re truly protected, call on us.

Why Choose Us

All Your Insurance Needs Under One Roof

You’ll enjoy access to a constantly improving selection of specialty services and industry-specific programs. We work hard to stay on the forefront of the ever-changing insurance environment we live in.

Personalized Service That’s on Your Side

We may have national scope and capacity, but you’ll find we remember who you are and what’s important to you whenever you visit, call or email. We never forget that we work on your behalf when navigating the options.

Leading Edge Advice

We invest in the professional development of our team to ensure you receive the most current advice and information. We also take industry compliance and ethics to heart: Palladium holds memberships in all professional governance bodies at the regional, provincial and national levels.

Wide-Ranging Expertise

Our team includes over 50 dedicated insurance professionals. You’ll have access to certified risk managers, life insurance and living benefits specialists, employee benefits brokering/consulting experts, and complete commercial and personal insurance specialists.

Local Presence with National Strength

Our partner Synex prides itself on supporting us by helping our expertise reach a national audience and further impact the communities we are in. We maintain our philosophy of personal care — and no matter how much we grow, that will never change.

Highly Secure and Confidential

By using the most advanced broker management system in the world, we keep your information safe. We don’t just sell cyber liability insurance, we practice what we preach!

We Believe in Community

We support the Ottawa community we live in by donating time and money to a number of charities and nonprofit organizations. We are proud to help where we can.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Business Insurance"When COVID started, I remember making the call on a Sunday night. Our college had just emailed us to tell us to shut down — no more dentistry. So I’m calling my staff, saying, OK we’re shutting down. I didn’t know at the time if it was going to be two weeks…Right away they were already on it. It didn’t take long. The adjuster contacted me. Once that happened I received my first payment for office closure, which was a significant help to pay my rent. I had a few colleagues that had the same Intact insurance but not with DentAssure, not with Palladium, and their coverage was declined. Again every time they somehow always manage to get better coverage, better price, and it’s been smooth."Dr. Chantal Plant, Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre
Business Insurance"I made the decision to go with Palladium because they were an independently owned local business. I like to support local business whenever I can because they keep jobs in the local economy. They are members of this community and because of that, they go that extra mile for their clients. There is no way a call centre worker from a big U.S. conglomerate is going to go that extra mile for me no matter how great my need. Palladium did, and that’s why they’ll always be my broker."Candace Labelle
Personal Insurance"You need to really do the research ahead of time to make sure your family is protected. We are talking about your home, your most valuable asset, the place that keeps you safe and where you keep your most valuable possessions. Get the facts, do the research, don’t take this decision lightly."Patrick McGuinness
Personal Insurance"Everyone I talked to mentioned these guys. They were everywhere. They supported community sports teams, they had the inside scoop on all the insurance companies and made sure they dealt at the highest levels. Most importantly, everyone I talked to told me they always go that extra mile for their clients. And that’s really important when everything you have – your home, your automobile, your very livelihood – is depending on this relationship."Brian Turner
Personal Insurance“Sylvie offered to read our insurance policy for the American property to make sure we were getting top value for our money. Low and behold, she found significant gaps in the coverage. Because we were renting the property we needed liability insurance that wasn’t covered. Sylvie advised us that renters in the U.S. are very litigious so this needed to be included. When they approached their American insurance provider with the changes, he made them. She wasn’t compensated for any of that, but that’s just the way she is. She goes that extra mile for her clients.”Sonia Brisebois

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In case of fire or if you are in danger, call emergency services at 9-1-1.
Otherwise, you can call us any time Monday to Friday. 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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For after-hours urgent support, you can contact the insurance company directly. You can also call our office after hours at the numbers shown directly above, and our claims team will provide emergency assistance.

  • Auto insurance claims: your insurance company’s name is on the top of your pink insurance card.
  • Property insurance claims: refer to your policy documents or insurance binder.

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