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Easiest Ways To Improve Your Cyber Security Right Now

Do you really know if your computer is secure or not? In the last two years, a lot of employees have worked from home using online platforms and servers. With this increase in working from home, there has been a rise in cyber attacks by a staggering 600%.

Here are some of the common vulnerabilities and methods to keep you safe and improve your cyber security.

Unplug That Webcam

Webcams are a handy tool when working from home; allowing us to connect with colleagues. However, they are a major target for hackers.

Hackers are capable of remotely taking control of webcams and turning them on. They can see you, any documents that may be in the frame, and anything else that goes on in front of the camera. They will collect as much information as possible in the attempt to use them in blackmail schemes against you.

To reduce the chance of this happening unplug external webcams from your computer, or point them toward a wall. If you have a laptop with an integrated webcam look into purchasing a cover for it, or a sticky note with a piece of tape works just as well.

Keep Anti-Virus Updated

One of the most important ways to maintain cyber security is to have a reputable anti-virus and malware program installed on your computer.

Updates keep the anti-virus compatible with new software improvements on your computer and defend against evolving hacker tactics. A good idea is to turn on auto-updates; this keeps the software up to date without you having to worry about it.

Many of these programs also have automated features that will periodically scan your device or any new files downloaded. These little maintenance features run in the background protecting you from any potential threats.

Another feature to look for when selecting an anti-virus program is internet protection. Some programs will scan websites and redirect you if it feels there may be malicious software on the site. Program features like this will make all the difference in your cyber security.

The Password Advice You Already Know

The majority of online programs today are password protected. There are a few basic password tips a lot of people overlook, that will increase your cyber security.

A bad habit for many is using the same password across multiple platforms; this lets a hacker gain access to all accounts if they guess that one password. An obvious tip is to use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters and make it hard to guess. Changing your passwords every month is a great habit to get into. Set a reminder on your phone for the first of every month and take 20 minutes to change all your passwords.

Back It Up

Technology isn't perfect and neither are humans; computers crash and we on occasion accidentally delete important files.

A great practice to get into is regularly backing up personal files and sensitive information onto an external hard drive or USB stick. Backing up your data should be done at least once a week, but depending on the importance of the file right away is a great idea. This provides you with a second copy of any files you may need and also prevents files from being inaccessible in case of a ransomware attack or computer wipe.

Power It Down

One of the easiest ways to make sure hackers can’t access your computer is by completely shutting it down.

With laptops being more common than desktops today, many people have a tendency to just close the screen. When the screen is closed many devices will keep running and stay connected to the network. By cutting the power supply to the computer it makes it 100% inaccessible to anyone trying to hack it.


The best way to stay safe in this ever-changing digital realm is to stay informed and constantly implement ways to keep yourself secure. Using these basic tips will aid in doing just that. For more information on Palladium’s personal cyber insurance or cyber liability insurance for your business give us a call at 1-800-566-6314