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Staying Sleet Smart: 9 Things To Keep In Your Winter Driving Kit

Tuesday January 5, 2021

Even though you may be already thinking ahead to spring, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. No matter how many winters we’ve experienced, every first snowfall, regardless of whether it’s 1cm or 4 ft., feels like we’ve plunged into it headfirst. We also get ready for spring sometimes a tad too early in hopes we don’t get one more snowfall. If yo…

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Creating a Sense of Family - Silvia Riga Knows The Ingredients to Successful Client Relationships.

Sunday January 3, 2021

We bring personal to insurance. There’s a reason why we make this claim; because with Palladium Insurance, our clients are more than just a number. At Palladium, our brokers and insurance experts take the time to learn about each and every one of our clients on a personal level. So, we felt that it was time to let the public know about our team in…

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We've Got It Covered: 10 Things You Didn't Know Were Covered By A Home Insurance Policy

Wednesday December 16, 2020

  Home is where the heart is. You’ve heard this catchy saying before. Not only does it roll nicely off the tongue, but it’s also very true. Your home is where your most personal and cherished memories are created. It’s your safe-haven; A place to unwind; A beacon of light. Something familiar that you can rely on to greet you in the morning or…

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Here’s how to properly winter proof your rooftops to avoid leaks and damage

Tuesday December 15, 2020

  Nothing quite signals the arrival of the holiday season like rooftops and eavestroughs delicately sprinkled with colourful little lights. Add on a layer of freshly landed, soft puffs of white snow and you’ve got a familiar image right out of a Christmas storybook. But with every good story, comes conflict. And while those little puffs of sn…

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Landing On Your Feet In The Face Of A Ransomware Attack

Saturday December 5, 2020

Free Wi-Fi. A few years ago, seeing this written on the sign inside your favourite local coffee shop evoked some sort of excitement. Surfing the web without the burden of costs? Wow!  Today, connectivity is much more accessible, with things like LTE data and basically every public building now handing out Wi-Fi to a degree where we can’t help…

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Farm Succession Planning

Thursday December 3, 2020

You spent the past 30 years growing and cultivating a successful farm operation…now what? It may now be time to start thinking about the next steps and review what steps are taken in transitioning your hard work into the next generation of farmers. Here are some things that should be addressed as you start your planning for your next phase in life…

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4 Things To Ask Your Snow Removal Contractor

Friday November 27, 2020

As Canadians, we’re no strangers to snowfall, even though many of us are caught off guard by its early arrival the odd year. The inconvenience of heavy snowfall goes far beyond the nuisance of having to wake up 20 minutes earlier to shovel your car out of the driveway, especially if you own a commercial property. Sometimes, the inconvenience of he…

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Your Winter Insurance Checklist

Monday November 16, 2020

Just the very thought of winter can be chilling, and now that we’re well into fall this trying Canadian weather lurks just around the corner now. Before our streets, houses and cars are blanketed in snowfall, we’ve just finished having a couple months of beautiful, crisp autumn weather, and now that you enjoyed a variety of fall activities on your…

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Are You A Farmer With Layer Operations?

Friday November 13, 2020

If you're farmer with layer operations, this may be for you! Most poultry layer operations currently house their birds in conventional cages. As mandated by the Egg Farmers of Canada, a transition phase is currently taking place in which the housing of poultry is being transformed to allow greater space and natural behavior such as scratching, dus…

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8 Things To Remember About Travel Insurance

Friday October 16, 2020

Traveling abroad can mean the start of a new adventure; a journey of self-discovery and recreation, or even the start of a great business experience. But there are also a few setbacks that come along with travel: long hours, strict flight schedules, and muddled sleep schedules, just to name a few. Perhaps the biggest concern of all is just the mer…

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Gone with the Wind: How To Properly Tornado-Proof Your Home

Wednesday September 2, 2020

The concept of devastating winds and violent tornadoes seems like something that only happens in southern states, or in Hollywood blockbuster movies, but the truth is - they’re more frequently happening right outside our front doors, or whatever walls may be left of our homes after they have passed through. Today, Canada is only second to the U.S.…

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Opening the doors to a new reality: A look at how businesses are navigating through COVID-19

Friday August 7, 2020

After months of lock-down, Canadians are looking forward to patio season—but this year the restaurant experience will look a lot different with COVID-19 still circulating. Each province and territory has its own plan for reopening restaurants and food services. Restaurants Canada’sReopening Plans Tracker provides real-time updates on government an…

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Protecting Your Vacant Property

Friday July 31, 2020

Whether you deem it ‘vacant’ or ‘unoccupied’, one thing is for sure: your property has been void of any visitors for quite some time now. Many property managers describe their inhabited spaces by using the terms vacant and unoccupied interchangeably, but the truth is, there is a difference – and while it might seem like a minor difference, the eff…

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Cyber Liability and The Costly Aftermath of Cyberattacks

Friday July 24, 2020

When I was a kid, I was quite the “collector” of random items. I use this term because it’s a lot softer than the word “hoarder”, which - thanks largely to reality TV - has earned itself a pretty negative connotation. The truth is, as a kid, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I’d discover an interesting looking flower or pebble, and I didn’t wa…

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The safety of your home: Increase of house fires during the “Stay Home” COVID-19 initiative.

Friday June 19, 2020

We have seen a startling increase in the number and severity of house fires during the COVID-19 pandemic. With more people taking up different activities and learning new hobbies to pass the time, like baking sourdough bread or cooking french fries, the risk of fire has significantly increased. Sadly, this has led to a 65% increase in the number…

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What to consider to prepare your building for a safe re-entry and re-opening?

Wednesday May 20, 2020

The Canadian economy is slowly stirring after nine weeks of pandemic-induced hibernation. Provincial governments countrywide have started to announce their reopening strategies and are starting to relax their stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders. In line with this, business owners and commercial property managers across Canada are now preparin…

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Out-of-Sight, Top-of-Mind: How to properly maintain vacant commercial properties during temporary closures.

Monday May 11, 2020

You’ve probably said it before: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Usually, we utter those words in a sigh of relief after we’ve crossed an item off of a seemingly never-ending “To Do” list. As a business owner, you’ll know that putting things on a mental backburner is counterproductive, given that you need to stay on top of the day-to-day goings-on of…

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7 Tips to Help Protect your Home this Spring

Thursday May 7, 2020

Spring is here.  We all look forward to this seasonal shift that brings warmer temperatures, budding leaves and blooming flowers.  It also comes with the dreaded possibility of spring flooding. How can you prepare to combat swift snowmelts and excessive rainfall that can lead to property damage — and a lot of headaches? Keep reading… Cha…

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Liability Coverage Under a Homeowner Policy for a Potential Personal Injury Claim Related to COVID-19

Wednesday May 6, 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has resulted in very significant disruption to our everyday lives. In this article, we discuss how third-party injury claims related to COVID-19 may or may not be covered under most homeowner insurance policies. What is covered under a Homeowner Policy? Standard homeowner insurance policies include property insurance…

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Propane storage and handling: Best safety practices while you stock up on supplies.

Tuesday April 28, 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic poses an unprecedented risk to public health and safety and has already had a tremendous impact on our economy. Consequently, home and business owners have many questions regarding policy wording and insurance coverage relating to COVID-19. To answer these questions, the Palladium Insurance Group is presenting a series…

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