How Offering Dental Coverage Can Improve Employee Satisfaction

An open smile that showcases teeth makes the bold statement  that the person is open to share more of who they are. It also represents pride in overall oral health. There are many people however who don’t feel this way. Despite regular dental maintenance at home, a lack of dental benefits keeps them from getting the professional care they need. When a business offers their employees dental coverage it empowers their staff; access to a dental professional can help boost self esteem, and make for a more confident worker.  If your business doesn’t currently offer benefits but are considering making the change, it isn’t as out of reach as you think. Our Palladium Insurance experts will help ensure your business has the best plan in place, tailored to your needs.

Group Benefits Consulting

So, what is the right dental benefits package for your business? It depends on what your needs are. Businesses with as little as two employees are able to take advantage of the Palladium Insurance health benefit packages. Many other association style plans offer ‘cookie cutter’ benefits/buying groups that can be limiting. What makes Palladium Insurance different from the competition is our approach. We start with a consultation to better understand what you’re looking for. The proprietary buying group we are aligned with for health and dental insurance uses the combined purchasing power of hundreds of different companies. This helps to save you money in perpetuity, offers a wide array of options to tailor your benefits package and provide optimal peace of mind for you and your staff.

Independence & Flexibility

The health needs of people aren’t all the same, so why should their coverage be? At Palladium Insurance our dental benefits packages take into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle, and health status in order to provide flexibility that ensures the coverage is able to suit the individual employee’s needs. Your business will then only pay for the desired coverage. Before, only larger businesses were privy to the benefits of a flex plan, but recent technological advancements have opened things up to businesses with a minimum of three employees as well.  Individual plans for independent contractors can offer necessary benefits and fill in the gaps not provided by the provincial government.

Coverage You Can Trust

Our health benefit coverage options are designed to better empower employees and make businesses more appealing to prospective employees. When a business can trust in the benefits they can offer, there’s peace of mind for everyone. Read more about our group benefits, contact us to set up a consultation and let us earn your trust.


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