Liquor Liability For Holiday Events

Understanding Liquor Liability for Effective Holiday Planning

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is almost here (where does the time go?) but it is! Beyond worrying about getting all of the right gifts for your friends and family in time, if you are planning to host an event during this season at your home and will be serving alcohol, there are certain things that you need to consider beforehand.

Prevention is better than a cure; an easy solution would be not to serve alcohol at your event in the first place, thereby eliminating any risk associated to alcohol in the first place, right? Yes, of course…however, it’s always nice to provide those particular options for those that do enjoy alcoholic beverages. The following are some tips to help your guests to best regulate their alcohol consumption while at your event.

  1. Ask people when they arrive if they are a designated driver.
  2. Ensure many non-alcoholic beverages and food options are available.
  3. One hour before you anticipate guests will leave, stop serving alcohol and start serving coffee, tea or water.
  4. Have cash on hand for cabs and/or an extra bedroom made up for last-minute overnight guests.
  5. Keep watch and don’t hesitate to ask for someone’s keys if you have concerns about their ability to drive. (source:

Homeowners assume the liability when having an event and having alcohol liability coverage is a great way to mitigate any risk. Learn more about our home insurance products to keep you safe in any scenario, and let us earn your trust.

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