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Life’s moments happen in your home. Family gatherings around the supper table; baby’s first steps; playing with neighbourhood friends in the pool; these are all occasions to hold dear. Palladium Insurance can help you protect your home.

Whether it’s your first home or the large home of your dreams, Palladium will tailor coverage to suit your property and your budget. If you don’t own a home, renters’ insurance will protect your assets without breaking the bank.

You may be eligible for added savings if we insure your vehicles as well. Use the quick contact form below to ask us for a quote today.

Water Damage

Many of the thousands of residential water damage insurance claims made every year are avoidable. Water damage caused by everything from sewer backups, leaky roofs, burst pipes, faulty foundations and cracks in basement walls, has become a leading home insurance claim in the past few years. As a matter of fact, water damage has replaced fire as the primary source of insurance claims with Palladium Insurance.

Learn about water damage and how to prevent it.

Leaving on Vacation?

If you are planning a vacation, you’ll want to plan for piece of mind along with planning the vacation itself. Your home is likely your single largest investment, so you’ll want to leave it in good hands while you’re away. We have you covered.
Before you go, you’ll want to make arrangements to have your house look lived-in during your absence to reduce its appeal to burglars. Put padlocks on your gates and on your shed. Give a trusted neighbour or a family member your travel destination and your contact information. Ask them to collect your mail, including newspapers, flyers and packages which may have arrived by messenger from the front of your home. Have your lawn mowed, either by a neighbour or hire a property maintenance company to do it for you.

During the summer, you can lower the air conditioning, but don’t let it get too warm in your home. The best plan is to use a programmable thermostat. If you leave during winter, have the snow cleared from the laneway and walkways. Since you’ll be away, you can lower the temperature in your home to conserve energy, but don’t lower enough to have pipes freeze.
You will also want to take steps to avoid water or electrical damage in your absence. Disconnect or turn off un-necessary electrical devices which would otherwise run while you’re away to avoid energy consumption, electrical surges or malfunctions. Shut off water lines to avoid burst pipes and water damage. Timers for lights are also suggested so it looks like someone is home.

Don’t share the fact that you’re leaving publicly online.

Finally, having a monitored alarm system installed can protect you against burglary, fire and water damage.

If you are away during the regular heating season, you must have someone visit your home at a minimum of every 48 hours. Contact us to review the exact obligations under your insurance policy.

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