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Forestry Insurance

Protect Your Livelihood As It Evolves

You know Ontario forestry inside and out — from its risks to the rising costs of equipment coverage. But did you know that, like many Canadian sawmills, most forestry insurance policies have been around for decades? As your company evolves, your coverage should, too (beyond raising rates).

LumberAssure offers personalized, custom coverage designed for your operations. Our team of experts understands your business and its risks, dedicated to improving your value-added support as the industry changes.

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Comprehensive Coverage for Forestry Contractors and Sawmills

Our team knows the forestry sector and brings a local presence you can trust to manage your risks and tailor your coverage. With competitive rates for equipment coverage, we are poised to ease contractors’ priciest premiums through our partnerships with specialized markets and Lloyds syndicates.

LumberAssure is proud to offer proactive risk management strategies, fleet management program assistance, help with professional risk inspections, claims advocacy and guidance, and forensic accounting assistance. We provide extended coverage for:


Protect your sawmill and its equipment against unforeseen events like fires or security breaches.


Ensure heavy equipment is covered in the events of damage and theft, including your TAG equipment.


Your lumber is your livelihood. We are here to cover it, including during transportation from site to sawmill to destinations overseas. LumberAssure is proud to cover shipping for marine cargo.

Business Interruption

Safeguard against unforeseen events like supply chain disruptions, ensuring continuity and resilience for your operations.


Cover standard business operations, general liability, third-party claims, and even crane liability — reducing financial risks and safeguarding your reputation.


Environmental liability goes beyond compromised fuel tanks. We offer on-and-off pollution coverage to safeguard against accidents in the bush that threaten to pollute the environment.


No matter your industry, if your business relies on digital technology for inventory management, supply chain tracking, financial transactions, or storing sensitive data, you need cyber insurance. Cyber threats pose costly risks such as:

  • Data breaches,
  • Ransomware attacks,
  • Operational disruptions.

    Incorporating cybersecurity coverage into your insurance policy helps mitigate these risks to sensitive information, business continuity, and financial security.

    A Broker-Client Relationship to Build On

    Our LumberAssure team is dedicated to you, your business, and the industry you serve. We’re here to help mitigate your risks — while providing personalized service and insurance to suit your needs. You can always reach us to consult on, review, and quote your insurance needs, offering knowledgeable advice for:

    Property Inspections

    We will conduct a thorough walkthrough of your site to identify potential risks and areas for improvement. Our team can facilitate a professional risk inspection as needed. Typically site inspections cover:

    • Infrastructure
    • Layout
    • Site security
    • Dust explosion risks
    • Pollution risks
    • General liability
    • Housekeeping standards
    • Staffing
    • Fire safety in compliance with the Canadian National Fire Code
    • And more

    Proactive Risk Assessment and Management

    Protect the safety and financial stability of your operations. Our brokers will provide valuable insights into your opportunities to mitigate potential loss before it happens.

    Fleet Management

    Mitigate risks associated with vehicle operations such as accidents and breakdowns to protect business continuity when the unexpected happens.

    Customized Program Requirements

    No more one-size-fits-all policies. We work with you and your team to build a personalized insurance program suited to your needs, your risks, and your tolerance.

    Claims Help and Guidance

    With dedicated support and expertise, we provide comprehensive guidance throughout the claims process, minimizing disruptions and maximizing recovery to help you get back to business quickly and confidently.