Here are 7 Tips for Keeping Your Wine Collection Enjoyable

Chances are, if you love wine, you may have some go-to favourites. You may collect wine, slowly amassing an amazing selection of wines from all over the world.  You also may even have a wine fridge or wine cellar where you ensure your bottles are properly stored and cared for.Wine is romantic, wine is classy and wine is expensive. Most of the Palladium Insurance team enjoys a glass or two of wine. Some of us have extensive collections of vintage wines, ports and Bordeaux too! Others are just content to enjoy a glass of sangria every now and then. Regardless of your wine status, we’ve put together 7 helpful tips for keeping your wine collection enjoyable.

Here are 7 Tips for Keeping Your Wine Collection Enjoyable

Store Wine Away from Direct Sunlight

You have likely heard the term ‘store in a cool, dark place.’ After wine is made, it is often aged and stored indoors, in a cool, dark and dry place. UV rays are damaging to wine and can cause an unpleasant smell and ultimately ruin the wine altogether. Keeping your wine in the dark ensures that damaging UV rays do not change the chemistry of the wine inside the bottle. We don’t all have wine caves, so an alternative could be to lightly wrap your bottles in a cloth, place the bottles on their sides inside a box, and store them in a basement fruit cellar, or on the floor in a closet.

Store Corked Wine Bottles on their Sides

Most vintage wine bottles are sealed with a cork instead of a twist-off cap. Storing your bottle on its side will ensure that the wine inside the bottle keeps the cork properly moist and therefore, reduce the likelihood the cork will dry out. When a cork dries out, air can eventually seep into the bottle, causing the wine to prematurely age and even spoil. Storing your bottles on their side will also make it easier to see any natural sediments that will form over time. If your bottles have sediments, its always advised to use a filter when pouring your wine.

Keep the Temperature Constant

Store your wine in an area with consistent and constant temperature. 12.2’C (54’F) is an ideal wine storage temperature. Wine should never be stored above 24’C (75’F) as wine begins to oxidize at that temperature. Storing wine at a temperature below 12.2’C will not hurt the wine but will actually slow the wine aging process. Red wines are more susceptible to temperature-related spoiling versus white wines. Ensuring your Bordeaux, Burgandy and Cabarnet Sauvignon keep their constant cool is a big deal!

Don’t Move Your Wine

Wine should be stored as calmly as possible. Avoid vibrations caused by motors, generators, traffic as vibrations will affect the way your wine ages. You should rarely move your wine once it is cellared.

Keep the Humidity Around Your Wine Around 70%

Humidity helps keep the cork from drying out and minimizes wine evaporation. Like a cigar in a humidor, keeping the humidity around 70% will ensure proper humidification but also reduce the growth of mold. High humidity may also contribute to your wine’s label to loosen. To keep a watchful eye on your wine’s humidity, you can purchase a temperature and humidity gauge from a hardware store.

Isolate Your Wine

Never store your wine close to anything that may have a strong smell. Remember that wines breathe and smells can permeate through the cork and negatively affect your wine. Remember to store your wine in a properly ventilated area.

Store for an appropriate amount of time

Many variables contribute to the length of time that wines age. Sugars, acidity, tannins and alcohol content all contribute to the aging process. Obviously, not all wines improve over time. Most off the shelf bottles are not going to get any better over time. Vintage releases and Port for example, can be stored properly for years. Most are enjoyed 5, 10 or even 20+ years after bottling!

The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Wine Collections

Your existing home insurance policy may properly cover your wine collection. While a home insurance policy offers some protection for wine through contents coverage, it may not be sufficient for true aficionados.

GUARANTEE GOLD® has expertly crafted two separate wine collection insurance products – Vintage and Reserve. These insurance policies for wine collections to protect both the casual collector and those who view their cellars as an investment. Both GUARANTEE GOLD Vintage and Reserve products are competitively priced and go beyond a homeowner policy for the greatest coverage and security.


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