Standard insurance policies may not apply to your individual coverage needs. You may be left exposed with many outstanding questions or worse, being under-insured. GUARANTEE GOLD® is a specialized insurance product tailored for high net worth homeowners and offers enhanced protection in addition to standard limits for homes, cottages, automobiles, family treasures and more.

For those who know what they value most
in an insurance company.

GUARANTEE GOLD® was created for clients who may be exposed to a unique set of risks. Palladium Insurance helps high net worth individuals navigate the complexities of additional protection and coverage through our hands on, concierge service approach.

Our claims professionals are experts and understand the needs of high net worth customers. They take the time to listen to you and act upon your needs – and are just a phone call or text away, 24/7. We know time is of the essence during a claim and we commit to having a claims adjuster contact you within two hours of notification of your claim.

Whether it’s through our professional and experienced appraisal service for a complete review of your entire interior and exterior property, or an in-depth review of your existing policies compared to your current circumstances to avoid unexpected expenses or liabilities, Palladium Insurance always works to earn your trust.

GUARANTEE GOLD is Palladium Insurance’s specialty and we take great pride in ensuring our clients are properly insured. Please call Palladium Insurance to discuss your individual high net worth insurance needs.



GUARANTEE GOLD Guard is an affordable coverage option that goes beyond a homeowner policy to protect clients and their families. Even if you haven’t thought of it, we have, and we cover expenses related to the unthinkable including carjacking, child abduction, stalking, home invasions and more.

GUARANTEE GOLD Guard can cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Psychiatric services
  • Rests and recuperation expenses
  • Lost salary
  • Residential security expenses
  • Professional security consultant and guard services
  • Temporary relocation
  • Homeowners’ or covered vehicle’s deductible

Personal Legal Expenses

GUARANTEE GOLD® Personal Legal Expense Insurance is automatically added to any traditional residential policy to cover any gaps in coverage and provides additional protection for legal costs including lawyers’ fees, disbursements, medical reports and opponents’ legal costs should you be required to pay them.

GUARANTEE GOLD Personal Legal Expense can cover:

  • Employee disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Legal defense
  • Automobile contract disputes, legal defense and license protection (available when we insure your automobile)
  • Bodily injury
  • Property protection
  • Tax protection
  • Unlimited telephone legal advice

Water Damage (H2O+)

The GUARANTEE GOLD H2O+ extension provides comprehensive coverage for unwanted water, no matter the season. H2O+ offers complete and innovative product offering coverage for sewer backup, waterborne ice, catastrophic natural events and widespread urban flooding causing damage to basement walls, floors, doors, windows, foundations and more.

GUARANTEE GOLD H2O+ can cover:

  • Homes in urban centres or shoreside
  • All residences including homeowner, secondary, condominium, tenant or rental

Umbrella Coverage

Our personal umbrella liability insurance provides additional protection in excess of the standard liability limit for homes, cottages, high value automobiles, pleasure craft and recreational vehicles. GUARANTEE GOLD customers are not required to pay a deductible and our umbrella coverage your personal activities anywhere in the world.

GUARANTEE GOLD Personal Umbrella Coverage:

  • Personal injury, including libel and slander.
  • Rental car protection with up to 60 days of protection for liability and physical damage for rented automobiles.

Additional GUARANTEE GOLD Products

Home Owners

GUARANTEE GOLD Homeowner Insurance Policies include a Guaranteed Replacement Cost. In the event of a claim - whether a total or partial loss - you have the peace of mind knowing our goal is to rebuild your home to its original state.


When it matters most, we want to help maintain your lifestyle. GUARANTEE GOLD will pay necessary additional expenses you incur if your unit becomes unfit for occupancy and you need to temporarily move out of your unit during repairs.


Our coverage for tenant policyholders restores personal property in the event of property loss, theft or damage often with a cash settlement. We also pay additional expenses if your dwelling becomes unfit for occupancy and you need to temporarily move.


At Palladium Insurance, we know how to protect high value vehicles and the risks associated with owning one and we automatically add and offer a variety of discounts to reward our customers with good driving history and habits.

Pleasure Craft

Cabin cruisers, runabouts, antique wooden boats, sailboats, seadoos and other high value watercrafts are protected from mechanical breakdown if it results from fire, sinking, submersion, jigging failure, collision or standing and with broad navigational territory, you have peace of mind wherever you go.


GUARANTEE GOLD policyholders can protect precious items including fine art, jewellery, and prized collections with Scheduled Articles coverage and no deductible no matter where in the world your travels take you. We also offer breakage coverage for those unpredictable incidents.


GUARANTEE GOLD provides coverage for all equipment in your home including HVAC, home theatre systems, central vacuums, pool mechanical equipment, electrical power panels, backup generators and more. Should a claim occur to equipment covered by your extension, the claim is not charged against your policy.


Our Vintage and Reserve wine coverage goes beyond standard content coverage, and protects both the casual collector and those who view their cellars as an investment from theft, fire, vandalism, loss of labels, and spoilage caused by extremes in temperature, humidity, vibration and light.

As a leading GUARANTEE GOLD specialist in Ottawa and surrounding areas, Palladium Insurance welcomes the opportunity to work with you. Please call, email or use the form below to contact us.
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