Travel Insurance Coverage for Snowbirds

Maybe you are a seasoned travel veteran and know about the protection Travel Insurance offers while you are away. Maybe you know all about the lure of warmer weather, new activities, and the change of pace and place during the colder months of the year. Or, maybe this will be your first of many winters traveling south to escape the wrath of Ottawa’s cold weather. Regardless of whether you have earned your Snowbird wings or are just starting to take flight, it is important to consider whether you are sufficiently covered before you head off for bluer skies.

Your Credit Card’s Travel Insurance Is Likely Not Enough

Emergency medical services (like treatment by a physician, hospital stays, tests, and medications)can cost thousands of dollars. Although many credit cards offer some form of travel insurance while you are out of the country, it’s important not to assume your card provides full and adequate coverage. Not all situations are covered and what is included depends on your card.

Read the Fine Print of your Travel Insurance Policy

Don’t just buy into the promise of peace of mind while you are away. When purchasing additional coverage, take the time to read the fine print. See what the policy covers. A good travel insurance policy extends beyond just protection for medical needs. Does your policy cover you for follow-up care once you’ve returned home? Does it include coverage for non-medical related incidents like accidents, trip cancellation or lost/ damaged baggage?

Save Now

It’s exciting to go away for the winter months. But before you go, there are a lot of things on your to-do list. Sorting your travel insurance policy sooner rather than later is a smart idea. Purchasing your travel insurance early avoids rate increases that accompany the popular winter travel season.

It’s important to get coverage that makes sense for you. If you need help filling out a medical questionnaire, speak with your physician to ensure you provide accurate information. And since going away for the winter months is not just about sitting poolside or playing golf, you’ll also want to disclose to your insurance provider if you plan to participate in any high-risk activities, like hiking in the hills to ensure your policy covers you for injuries sustained during those events, since not all providers offer coverage for these. This will help ensure peace of mind should you find yourself needing coverage while you are away.

Get the Best Rates for Travel Insurance

Palladium Insurance and our travel insurance policy partner SecuriGlobe are proud of their customer service and attention to detail, especially when it comes to processing insurance claims and the turnaround time in which their policies are paid out. SecuriGlobe is one of the largest travel insurance providers in Canada and specializes in travel insurance products. Through SecuriGlobe’s network, you can access the best rates for almost any situation.

Palladium Insurance and SecuriGlobe effectively protect you with the right protection to meet your needs. To learn more, simply call 1-844-618-4402 to get the best travel insurance at the best price!


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