MedAssure – Insurance Coverage for Medical Professionals

As a medical professional, you perform an important and integral service and you work hard to protect your professional reputation. You offer your patients, medical partners and staff the highest level of quality care. You are constantly learning and improving. In sickness and in health, the level of trust bestowed upon you is invaluable. This trust took years of time, effort, rapport and relationships to build. There was also a financial cost to build your practice to where it is today. It would be devastating if something were to damage that. MedAssure can help alleviate some of your concerns.

Many medical professionals protect their life’s work with Palladium Insurance and MedAssure. MedAssure is uniquely tailored insurance built for doctors, specialists, nurses, clinic owners and administrative staff. MedAssure offers medical professionals broad insurance coverage while protecting reputation and assets. We underwrite each policy exclusively for you.

Insurance Policies for Medical Practice Owners

As a practice owner or shareholder, it is advised to contact Palladium Insurance to understand the insurance coverage you have and what happens if a suit is ever filed against you or any of your practitioners, associates and staff. Some policies may share the limits with each practitioner, while other policies would apply these limits on each individual.

Most medical insurance policies offer limits of coverage ranging from X to Y, and A to B. Where X is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay per claim, during the policy period, whereas Y is the total maximum amount the insurance company will pay for that same period. If there are more than the maximum number of claims, a medical professional is personally responsible for paying out any damages that exceed the insurance policy limits.

Insurance Policies for Medical Associates

Most larger practices carry malpractice insurance for their business and many practitioners working at a clinic often assume that they are protected. However the supplied coverage by an employer is often insufficient for the needs of an individual physician.

When comparing premiums, Palladium Insurance advises you to consider all the details of the policies and services. Ensure you are comparing apples to apples so there are no misunderstandings. Some policies may be much lower than others, but consider all factors involved including deductibles and how much it would cover in the event of a claim.

MedAssure Protects if Mistakes Happen

Sometimes, mistakes happen. Larger practices require a lot of communication and coordination. Doctors, specialists, nurses, admin staff and other professional staff all provide care and communicate with patients. If any of these professionals were to make a mistake or is negligent, medical malpractice is more likely to occur and can affect the entire practice. Unfortunately, minor mistakes can be harmful, life threatening or even deadly and can also have long-lasting implications.

Contact Palladium Insurance for more Information about MedAssure

Palladium Insurance encourages you to contact us for more information on MedAssure. MedAssure covers your medical clinic, its doctor owners, associates and all of its employees and ensures the most effective coverage is in place. MedAssure also offers adequate professional liability protecting against losing a practice and personal assets in the event of a claim.

Let Palladium Insurance Earn Your Trust

Our goal at Palladium Insurance is to guide our medical professional clients in the choices available to manage their risk and take the necessary steps to improve their knowledge of the insurance industry. With MedAssure we wrap our arms around the medical clinic, its doctor owners, associates and all of its employees while ensuring the most effective coverage is in place. To initiate the process we ask prospective clients to fill out our quote request form or contact us directly. Connect with us today, and let us earn your trust.



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