The Importance of Insurance for Dental Professionals

Maxime Rieman of says that dentists who wish to grow their practice should mitigate their business risks of medical malpractice claims through insurance for dental professionals. First of all, insurance protects individuals and businesses and offers effective coverage and peace of mind in the event of the worst. Businesses in particular require options to help minimize risk and keep focus on maintaining operational goals.

At Palladium Insurance our goal has always been to empower our clients to live and work at an optimal level by having the right insurance in their corner.

The dental industry continues to evolve through improved practices/techniques and the use of advanced technology. Therefore, there is a greater need to not only better protect clients of each dental practice, but the dental professionals and the space which they conduct their work in as well. The following are some important considerations for dental professionals to make when it comes to acquiring insurance for their practice.

The Importance of commercial property insurance for dental professionals

Commercial property insurance is a common concern for new dental professionals; above all, how to cover property and equipment used in the practice. Dental equipment is highly valuable and a significant investment for any dental practice. Palladium Insurance offers insurance for dental professionals to protect valuable business investments. Talk to Palladium Insurance about commercial property insurance to ensure you are protected from the unexpected like floods, fires or even theft.

The importance of general liability insurance for dental professionals

Your business could be held liable if a patient is accidentally injured on your property. Unfortunately, a medical malpractice policy may not cover it. Unknown risks can occur moving throughout an office, which is why Palladium Insurance offers general liability insurance for dental professionals. A fall from a slippery floor in the bathroom/examination room. A client left alone with equipment left in the room could injure themselves. According to, ‘general liability is a sort of “catch-all” for businesses that come face-to-face with customers on a regular basis.’

Palladium Insurance’s DentAssure program provides the most comprehensive suite of policies on the market designed specifically for dental professionals. We wrap our arms around the dental clinic, dentist owners, associates and all of its employees. Our insurance for dental professionals ensures that we provide tailored products to meet a specific set of dental practice needs. If you are attending the upcoming Capital Dental Symposium for dental professionals, come talk to us! We will be further educating dental professionals on our services and how we can provide effective coverage. Learn more about our DentAssure program and let us earn your trust.

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