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Empowerment Through Effective Financial Solutions

When people feel more in control of the particular situation they’re in (whether personal or professional) they are able to confidently make better decisions. When a business is able to effectively empower their staff through comprehensive and flexible benefit options, employee assistance programs and the like, the more likely those people will be able to further strengthen your business in return.

The following are some examples of how empowering those who help to make up your business can positively affect your business and can stimulate positive growth:

Better Customer Service
Simon Sinek, a blogger who writes “The Empowered Employee”, says that empowered employees provide exceptional service and he’s experienced this first-hand. “Empowered employees have the power to make decisions without a supervisor. They are entitled to go off script, bend the rules, do what they see fit if they believe it is the right thing to do for the customer. More than any other kind of employee, the empowered employee is able to create a feeling of true customer service that ultimately yields much greater customer loyalty,” he says.

Improve Productivity – Reduce Costs
John Zink of the PHCC Educational Foundation says that employees have great ideas about how to improve productivity and reduce costs, but companies need to know how to ask for these ideas and listen. “Sometimes it takes an employee stepping outside of their authority to show the benefits of employee empowerment an owner,” he says. Employees who feel confident that their input will be valued, listened to and acted upon will be more likely to share those ideas, benefiting employee and employer.” (Leigh Richards,

Successful business leaders know that building a strong workforce and promoting health and wellness does much to encourage loyalty and enhance productivity—which in turn means higher profits. Here at Palladium our aim is to empower our commercial clients to help empower others, and make the best decisions for their company.

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