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Digital Risk Management

Part of our job as an independent insurance brokerage firm is to help provide our clients with the best coverage in order to meet their specific needs; this is done by assessing potential risks, and building a a tailored plan that can keep them effectively protected.

When it comes to businesses specifically and the impact which technology has had on how they function, cyber security has become an issue not only deserving of attention, but a solid plan to help mitigate risk and keep things moving as smoothly as possible, in the event of a cyber threat. Experts suggest that a business’ cyber security strategy should be an integrated part of their overall IT risk management plan.

‘SurfWatch Labs chief security strategist Adam Meyer argues that by integrating digital risk monitoring into an operation’s CTI capability, an organization should be able to better understand its weak points, discover how malicious actors’ capabilities align with the opportunities it presents them, and find ways to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers.

Meyer also stresses that incorporating risk management into CTI would allow an organization to consider the potential business risk of a cyber threat, aside from the information security danger it poses.

Different areas of digital risk exist, Meyer pointed out, and they can suddenly manifest depending on the opportunities an organization presents to its would-be attackers.’ (Lyle Adriano,

We create policies to protect your business premises, contents and employees; our products allow you to run your business with the knowledge that you are protected from unforeseen loss. Learn more about our cyber liability services, and let us earn your trust.

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