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Creating a Sense of Family – Silvia Riga Knows The Ingredients to Successful Client Relationships.

We bring personal to insurance. There’s a reason why we make this claim; because with Palladium Insurance, our clients are more than just a number. At Palladium, our brokers and insurance experts take the time to learn about each and every one of our clients on a personal level. So, we felt that it was time to let the public know about our team in the same way.

Get to know Silvia Riga

Silvia Riga is an Account Executive at Palladium Insurance who, from a very young age, learned the importance of family and interpersonal relationships.

Silvia grew up in a large Italian family and has fond memories of large get-togethers filled with laughter and, of course, great food. This life experience is what gives Silvia the unique ability to turn clients into friends and friends into clients.

With 25 years of experience as an insurance broker, Silvia has honed her craft at building meaningful client relationships through communication. She worked her way up to the commercial level, where she now provides her knowledge and skills to service small and large commercial accounts.

When she’s not maintaining strong connections with our clients, Silvia maintains a strong connection with her ancestry and upbringing, following her passion for cooking delicious food. But her favourite part isn’t creating the meals; she enjoys sharing her culinary creations for the enjoyment of others – a true testament to Silvia’s work ethic and overall outlook on life.

View Silvia’s video here:


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