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DentAssure, is a unique insurance program designed specifically for dental professionals like you. Although the operations in a dental clinic are similar, the insurance coverage required can vary greatly from clinic to clinic and from dentist to dentist. As a result, we tailor the best insurance coverage to meet ALL of your insurance needs (commercial, personal, life and living benefits).

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Insurance Program for Dental Professionals

For dental professionals large or small, Palladium Insurance’s DentAssure products are the most comprehensive suite of policies available on the market.

We wrap our arms around the dental clinic, its dentist owners, associates and all of its employees. We offer a concierge service approach and work as a team with our clients. We have specialists in their respective insurance areas, all accessible at a single point of contact. We work across Ontario and are licensed nationally.

As an insurance broker and risk manager;

  • We review your insurance needs
  • We ensure that you understand your coverage
  • We help manage and reduce your risks
  • We contact you annually to ensure proper protection and review your needs
  • We offer advice and guidance in a claim
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The Importance of Insurance for Dental Professionals

Maxime Rieman of says that dentists who wish to grow their practice should mitigate their business risks…

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