8 Things To Remember About Travel Insurance

Traveling abroad can mean the start of a new adventure; a journey of self-discovery and recreation, or even the start of a great business experience.

But there are also a few setbacks that come along with travel: long hours, strict flight schedules, and muddled sleep schedules, just to name a few. Perhaps the biggest concern of all is just the mere thought of: “What happens if something happens to me?” 

When it comes to a flexible travel insurance policy, you’re never really far from home. That’s because it offers safety, reassurance, and peace-of-mind for travelers, by letting them know that, in a way, their policyholder is right there with them on their travels, should anything happen to them.

If you’re unsure about the benefits of travel insurance, and just how exactly it comes into play, here are 8 things to remember about travel insurance:

  1. Declare any pre-existing conditions
    In order for a travel insurance specialist to provide you with the coverage that best suits your specific needs, it is best to disclose any and all medical conditions, even the minor ones, and your medical history.
  2. Consult your physician
    If there is any uncertainty when answering a question during the approval process, contact your physician for reassurance and peace-of-mind.
  3. Early purchase of travel insurance
    Travel insurance rates are susceptible to change, especially during popular travel seasons. By purchasing your travel insurance early, you can avoid rate changes and therefore benefit from cost savings.
  4. Understanding your coverage
    Not all surprises are good ones. Be sure to thoroughly read through your entire coverage plan, and gain a full understanding of exactly what you are covered for.
  5. High-risk activities
    If you are partaking in high-risk activities during your travels, it’s best to also disclose this information to your travel insurance specialist. With this knowledge, a specialist can find you a policy that is, once again, best tailored to your specific needs.
  6. Inquire about deductibles
    Deductibles can offer significant savings. Many travelers will often overlook travel insurance altogether, simply because of the cost. However, deductibles can range anywhere from $250 – $10,000 and can be added to your premium to lower your rate.
  7. Deal with a broker
    There are many, many insurance providers out there, which means that, when it’s time to shop around, you’ll have a great deal of work cut out for you. A broker, on the other hand, typically represents multiple insurance companies and can help by shopping around for you, free of charge.
  8. SecuriGlobe
    As one of the largest travel insurance providers in Canada, SecuriGlobe specializes in travel insurance products. They are partnered with 14 different insurance carriers, allowing them to have access to the best possible rates.

If you are still seeking to travel during the pandemic, or find yourself having to travel, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our insurance professionals. If you are a current client and have concerns relating to travel insurance, especially COVID-19 medical protection, please connect with SecuriGlobe directly: 1-844-618-4402.


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