Seasonal Automotive Preparation

It’s a new month, and just because snow isn’t on the ground (yet) doesn’t mean that preparing your vehicle for the winter should be left to the last minute.

Of course, things like putting winter tires on is important, but there are other considerations that should be made in order to promote the safest and best driving experience possible. Here are some things to be mindful of:

Test Your Battery

Battery capacity decreases significantly in cold weather, so it’s important to have a mechanic examine it to ensure it’s at peak performance. It becomes increasingly important to have a well-performing battery in those cooler temperatures. It’s just harder on the cells and it robs their battery capacity.

Inspect Headlights & Brakelights

It’s vital to have fully functioning headlights and brake lights when dealing with thick winter fog or heavy snow.It’s going to help your own visibility while driving, but also make sure other drivers are able to see you.

Monitor Tire Pressure

It’s important to check your tire pressure once a month, especially during the winter, since a tire’s pressure can drop as the air becomes colder. An under-inflated tire underperforms and does not wear good for the consumer.’ (Kevin Byrne,

Here at Palladium we want to ensure the safety and protection of all our clients, and part of that is done by providing the right and most effective coverage to meet your needs. Read more about our auto insurance products.

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