Dental Coverage: Something to Smile About

As April (which is Oral Health Awareness Month) draws to a close it’s important to reflect on just how important maintaining dental health is. From the perspective of the patient, keeping a healthy mouth means being able to prevent serious oral issues from developing (or worsening), and because dental hygiene is linked to overall health, becoming a healthier person by practicing better dental techniques both at home and at the dentist.

From the perspective of the dental professional their priority is being able to provide the best dental health services possible, in a safe and protected environment. The point of insurance coverage is to offer protection in the event that something goes awry and to offer peace of mind so business can be conducted confidently on a regular basis.

Our DentAssure program is a local insurance program designed exclusively for dental professionals including complete commercial and personal insurance needs, estate protection, life insurance and disability insurance. If you’re a dental professional and want to learn more about our specialized program click here.

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