How To Avoid Impaired Driving


Seems easy enough, right? Just don’t drink or consume any type of drugs before operating a vehicle. The only issue is that sometimes it’s what was prescribed by a medical practitioner to help alleviate a particular condition which is causing the issue; not because it was mis-prescribed, but either how it affected your body wasn’t anticipated or clearly stated, or something listed as ‘non-drowsy’ ended up having the opposite effect.

In any case, safer driving starts by being properly educated and creating a designated driving plan to keep you and the roads as safe as possible.

Here are some great tips to help avoid impaired driving:

• Make sure you have a plan to get home safely
• Ask your doctor or pharmacist about side effects related to driving when using prescription medication
• Read the information on the package of any prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicine, including allergy and cold remedies
• Ask your doctor or pharmacist about how a prescription drug could affect you- drugs and alcohol together can impair your driving even more than either one alone
• Remember, fatigue and stress will also affect your ability to drive safely. (source:

Part of safe driving is understanding what the potential consequences for driving under the influence are. Be safe and create a designated driving plan to keep you, and everyone you share the road with safe.

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