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#IWD2018: How to Protect The World’s Most Valuable Asset

The future is female. A statement sometimes viewed as polarizing, but couldn’t be more inclusive of everyone. Since the beginning, women have been the backbone of the household and workplace; whether they are in a position of power or not, when it comes to organization and keeping people on track, there they are. On this International Women’s Day (and everyday) we celebrate the women in our personal and professional lives.

Achieving Equal Treatment in the Workplace

Having a seat at the table is one thing, but establishing an environment which promotes equal opportunities for everyone and sets the standard for the next generation is the ultimate goal. Pay gap discrepancies as well as sexual/violent misconduct in the workplace has gained a lot of mainstream attention as of late due to initiatives such as the #MeToo movement; they provide an excellent opportunity for businesses as a whole (and the people who make them up) to assess how they are currently operating, open themselves up to making important changes, if necessary.

Forbes recently published an article that outlines some of the ways in which the treatment of women could be equalized in the workplace. Their key points include:

  • Develop Balanced Leadership
  • Have an Operating Plan
  • Prevent Disengagement
    (Jasmine Gordon,


Regardless of how progressive you think your company currently is, remember there is always room for improvement. As time moves forward, so do the needs of people and the means by which they must be addressed. At Palladium we’re proud to be an organization that is inclusive. We’re always improving and have a variety of products/services aimed at protecting a diverse group of people. Learn more about our wonderful team, and let us earn your trust!

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