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Gone with the Wind: How To Properly Tornado-Proof Your Home

The concept of devastating winds and violent tornadoes seems like something that only happens in southern states, or in Hollywood blockbuster movies, but the truth is – they’re more frequently happening right outside our front doors, or whatever walls may be left of our homes after they have passed through.

Today, Canada is only second to the U.S.A in high frequencies of tornadoes and severe weather. A tornado’s path of destruction knows no bounds, and doesn’t consider what it’s chewing up and spitting out. This could mean the loss of family homes, damaged land and even small or large buildings that are home to many businesses. As unpredictable (and intimidating) as these winds may be, there are preventive and proactive measures that one can put in place to help diminish the potentially detrimental effects of tornadoes.

Here is an extensive checklist that you can use to tornado-proof your home:

  • Roofs: Ensure that your ridge vents are stable and able to resist high winds, or strong rain driven by heavy gusts of wind.
  • Porches and overhangs: Things like carports and patio covers can be easily destroyed by violent windstorms. By ensuring that porches and overhangs are securely connected to poles and foundations, you can strengthen their durability and resistance.
  • Doors: Reinforcing all doors with heavy-duty deadbolts on both the tops and bottoms of all doors can help keep them in place.
  • Windows: Storm shutters can help keep debris from broken glass, or branches of nearby trees and other airborne debris, from causing harm. Look into the installation of shutters.
  • Garage Doors: Garage doors can also be reinforced with the use vertical and/or horizontal braces and panels.
  • Landscape: Trees and shrubs near your home can cause damage with sharp branches, twigs and other debris that can be blown off and sent spiraling with a strong wind. Making sure these trees and shrubs are trimmed and maintained can diminish this as a possibility during a storm.
  • External objects: Finally, any items like equipment, bins, sheds or anything near or around your home that can be harmful when travelling through the air at high speeds. Make sure these items are secure, to avoid significant harm or damage.

Nature is an unpredictable beast that can take away our most prized possessions in the blink of an eye. With a well-thought-out and flexible insurance plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables, and loved ones, are safe. When the unexpected happens, you’ll be glad you chose Palladium Insurance. Speak to one of our experienced brokers today, to learn more about your insurance policies.


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