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Are You A Farmer With Layer Operations?

If you’re farmer with layer operations, this may be for you! Most poultry layer operations currently house their birds in conventional cages. As mandated by the Egg Farmers of Canada, a transition phase is currently taking place in which the housing of poultry is being transformed to allow greater space and natural behavior such as …

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8 Things To Remember About Travel Insurance

Traveling abroad can mean the start of a new adventure; a journey of self-discovery and recreation, or even the start of a great business experience. But there are also a few setbacks that come along with travel: long hours, strict flight schedules, and muddled sleep schedules, just to name a few. Perhaps the biggest concern …

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Gone with the Wind: How To Properly Tornado-Proof Your Home

The concept of devastating winds and violent tornadoes seems like something that only happens in southern states, or in Hollywood blockbuster movies, but the truth is – they’re more frequently happening right outside our front doors, or whatever walls may be left of our homes after they have passed through. Today, Canada is only second …

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Opening the doors to a new reality: A look at how businesses are navigating through COVID-19

After months of lock-down, Canadians are looking forward to patio season—but this year the restaurant experience will look a lot different with COVID-19 still circulating. Each province and territory has its own plan for reopening restaurants and food services. Restaurants Canada’s Reopening Plans Tracker provides real-time updates on government announcements related to lifting restrictions. As …

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Protecting Your Vacant Property

Whether you deem it ‘vacant’ or ‘unoccupied’, one thing is for sure: your property has been void of any visitors for quite some time now. Many property managers describe their inhabited spaces by using the terms vacant and unoccupied interchangeably, but the truth is, there is a difference – and while it might seem like …

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