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Are you a farmer with layer operations?

This may be for you!

Most poultry layer operations currently house their birds in conventional cages. As mandated by the Egg Farmers of Canada, a transition phase is currently taking place in which the housing of poultry is being transformed to allow greater space and natural behaviour such as scratching, dust bathing and foraging; resulting in new housing and larger poultry barns to accommodate the space requirements.

In the event of an insured loss, regardless of a total or partial loss, the member may be required to comply with enhanced housing requirements immediately instead of at the planned future date. The financial implications to the member are substantial. This innovative and unique product is designed to address this exposure, providing your members holistic protection.

Coverage highlights:

  • Debris Removal increased from 5% to 15%.
  • Rebuilding on owned premises – no distance limitation from current structure.
  • Increase costs of repairing, replacing or constructing poultry housing – conventional cages to enriched cages.
  • Increase costs of repairing, replacing or constructing outbuilding – increased in size to accommodate housing.
  • Increased size in the outbuilding to accommodate the new housing and space requirements.
  • Protection for partial or total losses to the cages, to the barn or to both.

This new product will help address the needs of farmers who must respond and align with the new code. This is a great opportunity that is not currently offered in the market.

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